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Dusky Rockfish

Dusky Rockfish


Dusky Rockfish

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Taking a break from pulling crab near Ketchikan, Alaska.
John and Shawna

The crab taste better when you pull the pots yourselves, right kids?!  Great crabbing in southeast Alaska.
Kids having fun

Our waterfall as viewed at the dead of night.  I used a flashlight to "light paint" the near field for a couple seconds during a long 6 minute exposure.
Winter Waterfall at Night

We have a couple herons that are resident year round on the property.  This was taken from our property at Saltery Lodge in Alaska.
Heron in southeast Alaska

Three legs doesn't slow this dog down one bit!
Tripod Jake

Our lodge dog, Jake, having fun fetching sticks.  He lost his leg in an accidental fall in 2008.  We don't tell him though, he still does everything the same as before.
Jake having fun

Multiple shooting stars cruise through the night sky.
Shooting Stars

Sunset at the Saltery Lodge in southeast Alaska
Barge and Tug caught in the sunset

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