Alaska fishing Left

JC and Nice Halibut

JC and Nice Halibut


JC and Nice Halibut

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Cedar Smoked Salmon on Pasta
Cedar Smoked Salmon on Pasta

North to Alaska with Larry Csonka filmed 2 episodes at Saltery Lodge in 2009.  Larry Csonka shown here releasing a fish.  "ZONK" was great to work!
Larry Csonka Releasing a Fish

Beautiful Rainbow falls for the artificial fly.
Beautiful Rainbow

Fast and furious silver fishing near Ketchikan, Alaska.
Remcho Family

This rock shows some amazing color patterns hidden under the water.
Painted Rocks

Moonlight Pilings reflected in the water in this long exposure picture.
Moonrise over Water

Jake shown here at the vet with a shattered femur.  Two months later he would have to have it amputated.  That hasn't slowed him down in the slightest though!
Jake with Broken Leg

Lodge Location
Lodge Location

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