Alaska fishing Left

Chef Jeff and Armondo

Chef Jeff and Armondo


Chef Jeff and Armondo

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Our Alaska waterfall in the late sun.  The long time exposure makes for a dramatic creamy look.
Our Waterfall

A fresh layer of snow in the winter at Saltery Lodge, southeast Alaska.
Winter Snow

Dramatic Golden Hour
Dramatic Golden Hour

Dining room at Saltery Lodge in southeast Alaska.
Dining Room

The approximate boundary of the lodge.  There used to be many, many cannery buildings on this property.
Property Boundary

JR meeting a sunstar up close at the beach at Saltery Lodge, Alaska.

Dave Doyon at Saltery Lodge with their new turbine Otter
Misty Fjords Air at the Lodge

Jesse running his sailboat out in front of Saltery Lodge in Alaska.
Jesse Osborne Sailing

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