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Steve McNabb cooking at Saltery Lodge, Alaska.


Steve McNabb cooking at Saltery Lodge, Alaska.

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Great Room
Great Room

Kids pulling the pots by themselves near Ketchikan, Alaska.
Kids pulling pots

Saltery Lodge in Ketchikan, Alaska, as viewed from the air.
Aerial of Saltery Lodge

Welcome to Saltery Lodge, in southeast Alaska!
Entry Way

This mountain top provides many of the radio facilities for the city of Ketchikan. You can see Ketchikan directly behind the helicopter.  Temsco helicopters provides many services for repairing and maintaining these systems.
Temsco Helicopter on Mountain Top

Some flares had been sighted the night before and the Coast Guard landed at our property in Alaska to ask us if we had seen them.  Beautiful snow backdrop.
Winter Jayhawk Helicopter

A shame pole dedicated to Seward for his betrayal of the native tribes.
Shame Pole

Three legs doesn't slow this dog down one bit!
Tripod Jake

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