Alaska fishing Left

Cedar plank salmon

Cedar plank salmon ready for the oven


Cedar plank salmon ready for the oven

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Lamb on Couscous
Lamb on Couscous

A big halibut coming aboard.  Great fishing at Saltery Lodge, Alaska.
Big Halibut in Southeast Alaska

Steak Sandwich. Prepared by our gourmet chef at Saltery Lodge in Alaska.
Steak Sandwich

Con Gieble photo - Donor: Dixie Baade, THS  The seines are laid out around a school of salmon Then gradually the ends are brought together and the net is taken in until the fish are drawn together in a sort of purse from which they are hauled aboard the seine boats.
Hand seining at Loring, 1909

Jesse running his sailboat out in front of Saltery Lodge in Alaska.
Jesse Osborne Sailing

Dave Doyon at Saltery Lodge with their new turbine Otter
Misty Fjords Air at the Lodge

Running the skiff at the lodge.

Jake's hard fought shark that he dragged out of the water.
Jake caught a shark!

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