Alaska fishing Left

The Roedda

Roedda coming into our Alaska fishing lodge in Alaska.


Roedda coming into our Alaska fishing lodge in Alaska.

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Holding a nice halibut!
Dave and John

Orange scented sponge cake, raspberry jam, Italian butter cream, fresh nectarines.  Prepared by our gourmet chef at Saltery Lodge in Alaska.
Raspberry sponge cake

The Roedda coming into Saltery Lodge with a load of furniture.

Barrett Madison with teamed up with Saltery Lodge for some great late season rainbow trout action.
Nice Rainbow

The end of a log, eroded by years of rainfall and creek water.

Clam Shell Hieroglyphs
Clam Shell Hieroglyphs

Jake the dog looking suave.
Jake the Dog

The Milky Way galaxy in the background of moving stars.
Star Trails in Milky Way

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