Alaska fishing Left

USCG Cutter Naushon and Sub

USCG Cutter Naushon and Sub


USCG Cutter Naushon and Sub

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Mammoth Tusk Bear Detail

This bedroom features part of the culture of the native Alaskans.   All the rooms were professionally decorated and designed.  We have many custom pieces of art at Saltery Lodge in southeast Alaska.
Bedroom 2 - Native Alaskan

A museum quality beaver, commissioned for Saltery Lodge, shows the first beaver in commercial service in Ketchikan.  Done by Dennis Hunt and Gene Waters.
Bedroom 3 - Beaver

Sunset at the Saltery Lodge in southeast Alaska
Alaskan Sunset at the Lodge

USCG Cutter Naushon guarding a submarine in Behm Canal near Ketchikan, Alaska.
USCG Cutter Naushon

Jake with his best look
Jake with his best look

Anan Creek is a fantastic bear viewing operation run by the Forest Service.  Entrances are limited.
Anan Creek Entrance

Bleeding Hearts at Saltery Lodge in Alaska.
Bleeding Hearts

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