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Alaska Panoramic Pictures

Here are some great Alaska Panoramic Pictures of the lodge and surrounding area. These panoramic photos were taken with a Canon 5D MK II and a special tripod head. Many images were taken and then post processed into a single image. Post processing these panoramic images creates a large single image, some of them upwards of 120 mega pixels. For comparison, this is an order of magnitude more than consumer level cameras.

The Milky Way galaxy is prominent in this photo at Saltery Lodge.  Several Shooting stars can also be seen.  For you stargazers, this was taken at 11pm Alaska time, Oct 11 2009.  Lat 55°21'N, 131°39'W
Milky Way Panoramic Image

The Master Suite at Saltery Lodge.  Three levels and 1,000 sq ft of Alaskan elegance.
Master Suite Panoramic Image

The graveyard on the property that has old graves from the cannery days.
Historic Graveyard Panoramic Image

The sun is low on the horizon here, giving us another beautiful sunset at Saltery Lodge.
October Sunset Panoramic Image

This was a winter shot of the lodge with only starlight and the ambient light of the lodge illuminating the ground and trees.
Saltery Lodge at Night Panoramic Image

This is the infamous Ketchikan Creek Street, the "red light" district of the early part of the 19th century.  Now a tourist destination.  You can stand on the boardwalk and watch the salmon cruise right up the stream in the summer and fall.
Creek Street in Winter Panoramic Image

Temsco helicopters placing a snow cat on the the glacier for use in their dog sled tours in Skagway, Alaska.
Temsco Lifting on Glacier Panoramic Image

The waterfall on the Saltery Lodge property.
Waterfall 360 Panoramic Image

The sun deck showing the view of Naha Bay as well as our view of the tidal flats.
Sun Deck Panoramic Image

This beautiful lake is in the Misty Fjords National Monument.
Manzanita Lake Panoramic Image

Taken on December 31, 2009, this cold sunset had plenty of beauty wrapped up its blanket of frost.
Ketchikan Winter Panoramic Image

The beach at Saltery Lodge, illuminated solely by the moon.
Moonlit Beach Panoramic Image

After asking permission from the airport manager, and getting a personal escort from an airport police officer, I captured this cold runway on a crystal clear afternoon.
Winter Runway in Ketchikan Panoramic Image

The beach flats at Saltery Lodge.  There is a salmon stream right here and bears will typically walk right by here.
Beach Flats Panoramic Image

The view of Saltery Lodge from its dock.
Dock View Panoramic Image

It was cold out the on new year's eve.  But I was rewarded with this beautiful weather and sunset.  Now time to warm my hands up!
Lonely Winter Pier in Ketchikan Panoramic Image

This is the old foundation from the Cannery that was poured 100+ years ago.  The boilers that powered the cannery are seen here as well.
Old Foundation Panoramic Image

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